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Combined L1 & 2 combined three day course

Learn the 'tapping' points confidentally & easily

Learn How to tap & what you can use EFT for ?

Q & A time on all courses

Learn about Pschycological reversal or Karate chop point

I also hold additional non AAMET courses through requests including:

  • Serious illness..1 day course............ .125 euro
  • Animals & Tapping.. 1 day course ....125 euro
  • Atracting Abundance with EFT..1 day course..125 euro
  • EFT Marketing & developing your business..1 day course ..125 euro
  • The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques & EFT ....125 euro
  • EFT & Animals ..... 125 euro

All Courses are CPD worthy

Learn how to use EFT with animals

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Marie is your Trainer of Trainers

Co- Director of AAMET Training & Certification Board

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Learn how to 'tap' for friends, family or to Practitioner level through certified AAMET courses

AAMET linking the world with quality , standardised EFT training

It is a Worldwide association and certification recognised worldwide

Inner child work & sub personalities

Working with Love

and Forgiveness

Talk and Tap

Tap your way to 'The Art of delivery' Level 3

Marie presented at EFT Masterclass 2009 with her own Energy Exchange Photo Techniques


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Advanced Practitioner

Master Trainer

All accredited courses and certification.


























 LEARN AAMET  EFT or ' tapping '

 All AAMET International Trainers are approved with The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques and held near Balsicas, Murcia which is 10 mins from San Javier airport and 45 mins from Alicante.

Here is a short video taken on one of my courses.

Marie is a qualified Trainer of Trainers with AAMET International.

Learn this simple yet powerful technique on the Foundational Level  or professionally  to Practitioner level.

The courses are suitable for anyone, to help heal yourself,family & friends  or suitable for professionals  as an adjunct to your existing practice or therapy. Certification through AAMET international, recognised worldwide. 

Visit EFT International Training for current dates & Venues.

The courses are presented in a professional yet friendly and enjoyable way for all levels.

 Level 1 Foundation One day Course

Course Objective.

To understand the "basics" of AAMET Emotional Freedom Techniques or ' tapping ' and have a step by step procedure for putting it into action.

To apply  this tapping technique confidently to yourself (and family or friends)

Course Contents


  • History & Origins of EFT
  • What is EFT
  • Bridges to EFT
  • The Discovery Statement
  • What can you use EFT for?
  • Discuss Abreaction & excessive intensity
  • Diagram and practice of tapping points
  • Tapping points sequence
  • The Basic Recipe
  • Psychological Reversal
  • Importance of hydration
  • The Generalisation effect
  • Your point concept
  • Short cut tapping
  • Cognitive belief  shifts
  • "The Ham Sandwich"
  • Aspects, Persistence, Being Specific
  • EFT for Cravings
  • Probing questions
  • Testing results
  • Troubleshooting
  • The Movie Technique
  • Personal Peace Procedure
  • EFT Resources
  • Video
  • Practice for participants
  • Demonstrations
  • Adapting the technique to most issues/problems
  • Question & Answer  period
  • Certification
  • Introduction to Course information Level 2
  • AAMET members rules & regulations

Course fee ... 155 euros

Level 1 is a comprehensive course with complimentary on going, follow up and support and includes Training Manual and AAMET Certificate of Attendance Level 1.

May be taken on a one to one basis or small group which is preferable if attendees are interested in participating in Practitioner Level 2 of which Level 1 is a pre requisite .

If you wish to advance to Level 2 a multi choice test on Level 1 syllabus is offered to check your understanding and review any areas of further understanding and indeed training, please contact for details on this. This is not a requirement of AAMET but an option I offer to help you be the best you can be.

Please visit our sister site for more information on course dates etc. AAMET International EFT Training Courses.

 The courses are approved and presented by Marie Holliday, a certified Practitioner,Trainer and Trainer of Trainers with AAMET and Co-Director of AAMET Training & Certification Bpard who has trained with Gary Craig, Master Gwyneth Moss & Dr Alex Lees. 

Bespoke courses may be arranged for individuals, small groups, corporate groups and arrangements can be made for Bed & Breakfast or local hotels combining a course with a small break in this region or a holiday.

Marie teaches AAMET EFT  in both English and Spanish and travels world wide to do this. She can be contacted for more information regarding arrangements by email or phone.

Visit EFT International Training for current Dates & Venues

AAMET EFT Level 2 Courses


All courses are approved by AAMET International

All qualified trainers are certified and registered with AAMET International

All certification is issued through AAMET International.


Learn more about AAMET in Spain 

 Level 2 Practitioner two day Course

This is a two day course which leads towards Practitioner Level and Level 1 is a pre- requisite, plus an option of a multi choice exam to review understanding of Level 1 .

This level may also be taken by people who wish to become more proficient in their EFT skills without certification at a non professional level.

Course Objective.

To take Emotional Freedom Techniques or 'Tapping ' to a higher level of understanding, skills and knowledge.

Consolidate that learning with level 1 Basic foundational Emotional Freedom Techniques building a solid base to work with.

To work towards gaining certification to Level 2 AAMET Practitioner ( optional).

Course contents

  • Course introduction and personal needs/objective
  • Brief review Level 1
  • Principles from the " Palace of Possibilities"
  • "The Writing on our Walls "
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Affirmations/ tail Enders
  • Additional tapping points
  • Collar bone breathing
  • Introducing gentleness into the procedure when working with Trauma
  • Tearless trauma technique
  • Chasing the pain
  • Sneaking up on a problem
  • Introduction to Reframing
  • Rapport & Calibration
  • Core issues
  • EFT & Animals
  • EFT & Children
  • Legal implications of EFT practice
  • Addressing physical issues
  • Floor to ceiling eye roll
  • When physical symptoms don't vanish
  • Testing results
  • Telephone/Skype work
  • Benefits of telephone work
  • Delivering EFT in a group
  • Personal issue tapping
  • Borrowing benefits
  • Discussion, Q and A, Practice
  • Certification
  • AAMET requirements & Code of Conduct
  • Discussion of Mentoring, case studies & multi choice exam
  • Information on Level 3 Advanced Practitioner course

Course fee ... 340 euros

There is a multi choice exam for Level 2 that checks your knowledge, understanding of the syllabus prior to completing Practitioner status.

Three case studies are also required prior to Level 2 Practitioner status being granted. More details please email or use the contact form.

  Monthly group mentoring by Skype. Complimentary of an hour and half is included in the three day combined course and a requirement of AAMET International.

 The course includes follow up/additional training in any areas needed, detailed feedback of case studies and any follow up, ongoing support and preparation of monthly Skype meetings for mentoring.

The course includes a comprehensive Training Manual.

Certificate of Student Attendance L2 working towards Practitioner Certification.

On qualification, Practitioner may list themselves on the AAMET main site when the trainer is satisfied to Practitioners knowledge, skills. 


Visit EFT International for current Course dates & Venues 


Advanced Level 3 Practitioner Two day Course

This is a two day Advanced Practitioner course for those who wish to take AAMET's EFT to its ultimate expert level.

Level 1 and Level 2 are a pre - requisite to Level 3.

Course objective

To enhance Emotional Freedom Techniques and the skills required to the optimum level with the '" Art of Delivery ".

To understand how to use and apply the techniques to an advanced level by consolidating current knowledge and skills with greater refinements and skills, over and beyond those already used .

To expand knowledge base and experience practical examples.

To gain approved Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certification of Attendance and understand AAMET's on going requirements concerning continuous professional development and mentoring working towards Level 3 Practitioner Certification.

Course contents

  • Course introduction and personal needs/objective
  • Brief review foundational concepts
  • Introduction to severe menatl disorders and drug addiction etc.
  • More on calibration & rapport
  • Imagery tapping
  • More advanced " Choices" technique
  • Continuous Tapping
  • Reframing
  • Creative EFT
  • Intuition and devolpment
  • Working on serious diseases & EFT with PR setbacks etc.
  • The Garbage and The Gold
  • Balancing the Emotional " truths "
  • Powerful words
  • Love and Forgiveness
  • Inner child work & sub personalities
  • Talk & Tap
  • Working with metaphor
  • EFT approaches for Trauma
  • Imagineering
  • Allergies
  • Surrogate tapping
  • Detecting " Body responses "
  • Releasing cellular " Memory of Protection "
  • The Photograph Technique *
  • Chest Points " reversal " tapping " *
  • Bring your own questions ?
  • Q & A
  • Practical demonstrations inc. legal & ethical
  • Business discussion
  • CPDs, mentoring & AAMET requirements

Course fee ... 340.00 euros including training manual and on going complimentary support.

Level 3 Certificate of Attendance and Level 3 Practitioner Certificate awarded following AAMET's current requirement


AAMET Trainer training is currently under review and due to be released by the Training & Certification Board shortly.

Check in on AAMET for regular updates. www.aamet.org

 Visit EFT International for current Course dates & venues.

Trainers Course 

 AAMET is looking for the very best there is when training to Trainer level. As a Trainer you need to have the potential skills to : 

  • Teach information in a clear, concise yet easy manner
  • Have a passion for teaching EFT
  • To meet AAMET teaching standards and guidelines
  • Teach your students in a professional yet friendly manner
  • Be part of a worlwide training team that strive for the best
  • More knowledge than your students
  • Ability to answer most questions on EFT & if you can't answer the occasional question, the ability to find out the answer.
  • To mentor and guide your students to whichever level they choose
  • To take feedback on your courses & adapt accordingly
  • To deliver & develop EFT sessions
  • Keep a paper trail on your students and register them with AAMET
  • Liaise with AAMET
  • Follow AAMET rules/regs and issue appropriate documentation to your students
  • To guide them through their CPD's and Case studies
  • To take the responsibility seriously and at the same time reflect an element of FUN in your training
  • And more !!!

If you believe you have the potential  please contact me for an informal discussion.

I was a professional Trainer with the Chamber of Commerce and other companies in England. I studies years before qualifying professionally as a Trainer , so you can be sure of the highest standard of training in my two day course. Additionally , I offer complimentary support throughout your time as a Trainer with AAMET with anything you need or are unsure of. As a long term member serving many years with the AAMET Training Committee and Co - Director of AAMET Training & Certification Board I can offer the most up to date standards and advice available. If you think you may fit the bill, I would love to discuss your training future with AAMET and love to have you on board.

The course package includes :

  • Awareness of Health & Safety and Equal Opportunities
  • Housekeeping ie where are you presenting..toilets, smoking etc
  • Room setting for you and your students
  • Introducing courses, objectives
  • Rapport building
  • Training aids
  • Lesson planning. Sessions & timing
  • AAMET paperwork, registrations, syllabus & competencies for each level package included for you to start off easily.
  • Review L1 , L2 and L 3 training understanding, knowledge
  • Practical demos and if I am training you are welcome to join me at your own comfortable level
  • Address what you need from the course ?
  • Continuing follow up and support

I can take you from a nervous Level 3 Practitioner to the confident AAMET Trainer you aspire to be.



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