Rens Bolm, World championship Pole vaulter

Coby Cress uses EFT to eliminate 'yips'

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Sports and EFT

Eft works amazingly well with sports enhancement including about any sport you can think of from athletetics, golf, tennis, football, swimming, darts, baseball and many more. Jack Nicklaus famously quoted that a game of golf is 10% swing, 40% set up & stance and 50% the mental picture.

Here is a link for an article on a great EFT Practitioner from the Netherlands, Jan Scholtes ( I have met Jan he is truly inspirational ) who coached the World Champion Pole Vaulter, Rens Blom with EFT and Rens accredits his amazing success to EFT. Rens won 5 national pole vaulting championships and 4 national indoor championships.

A newspaper article about Coby Cress a baseball player with 'yips' who used EFT all season in 2005. A Millenium Senior Catcher with All-West -Valley region baseball team. Cress was promoted in 2009 to a Manager for the Sun Devils.


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